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8 dingen die je niet moet doen als je een domeinnaam kiest in 2021

Een domeinnaam is de hoeksteen van je website en speelt vaak een belangrijke rol in de keuze van startende ondernemers en innovators. Veel mensen denken dat je domeinnaam v...


Why is my website so slow?

Why is my website so slow? The truth about slow loading times: an informative blog about website speed and what users can do to make them faster.


How website speed affects your sales

It is well known that site speed affects the user experience on your website. But how exactly and by how much? Does a Slower Website Really Mean Money Lost? There have been...


Why A/B testing is necessary for your website

Have you ever heard of A/B testing and are you curious what it can do for your website? Rootsteps shows you how the world of A/B testing works.


What does a good SEO website structure look like?

A good SEO website structure (or website hierarchy) looks clear. But what exactly is that? What should you do to determine the website structure? You can read what that loo...


Why does Rootsteps focus on speed?

Speed, like other factors that contribute to the user experience, is important. Scientific research shows how important that is; but it is much simpler to look at our own b...


October CMS for better SEO

When it comes to the findability of your website, you want everything to be set up optimally. Many entrepreneurs are therefore busy fine-tuning the various elements that ca...


What is Conversion Optimization?

Let's take a closer look at the question of what conversion optimization is exactly and why it concerns so many entrepreneurs. For the online world, conversion optimization...


Creating a website: this is what you have to pay attention to

What should you pay attention to when having a website made? As with many things in life, choices you make are based on what makes you feel good. In that case, your feeling...


Why is my pagespeed insights score lower after a certain time?

The pagespeed insights score measurement can sometimes deviate. Even if you are not an expert, you can see that one measurement is not the same. Even measurements taken dir...


6 free tools to test website speed

How do you measure your own website speed and what should you do with the results of that speed measurement? We explain it all to you in this article about website loading ...


What does User Experience have to do with SEO?

What does User Experience actually have to do with findability? What are the similarities and what are the differences? We put the world of user experience and the world of...


Why is website speed important?

Why is your website speed so important? How come we have come to attach so much importance to it? And who decides whether he is fast enough, you or me, or maybe the search ...


Everything about Bouncerates

Wat het bounce percentage je vertelt over je website? Bijna alles! Maar laten we het begrip bounce eens goed bekijken. Want je website bezoeker is erbij gebaat, dus jij ook...


What exactly is web development?

web development. The world of code, weird characters and pure logic. You can make anything your heart desires with it. Without web development, this world would look very d...


Improve website SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has only one goal: to improve the findability of online media. In addition to functionality and user experience, findability is a sub-goal ...


October CMS for SEO

October CMS continues to grow and develop further as a CMS. Not only do we now make successful websites with it, but October CMS will also be equipped out-of-the-box with t...

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