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Set up a Webshop

You want to sell your product or service online, but where do you start? How do you actually set up a good webshop? The technology must be right, the shop must be able to grow with your company, the integrated marketing tools must be simple and you do not want to incur too many overheads. Root steps helps. Whether you're starting a new webshop, want to implement one on your existing website or expand. We have all the knowledge and expertise for your perfect webshop!

Find out why

Scalable & Expandable

Many webshops suffer from slow loading times when more products are offered. Not at Rootsteps. Rootsteps webshops continue to work just as fast and well, regardless of how many products you offer! We know how important a fast webshop is for your e-commerce success.

There is literally no limit to the growth of your webshop. Let your small mini shop grow into a mega wholesaler with a few products. Rootsteps ensures that your webshop simply grows with your successes.

Sell on Facebook, Instagram and more

Do you want to sell your products via Facebook, Instagram, Google Shopping and Amazon? Then we completely agree with you! At other companies and webshop systems, you must have development skills for this or update a plugin or component each and every time, which means you spend a lot of money and time on a developer you would rather invest into marketing and advertisement.

Rootsteps integrates your shop at no extra cost: just out-of-the-box. Simple right?

Choose from the 15+ most used payment systems

There are many payment systems that you can work with in your webshop. But which one works for you? Rootsteps is happy to advise you on the right choice and integrates it effortlessly into your online store. The most commonly used payment systems such as Mollie, iDeal, PayPal, Sofort, Credit Card and many others are ready for you without any problems, without extra plugins, without any knowledge of the code!

Connect with Shipping providers

Good distribution is also essential for a successful webshop. Fortunately, there is a wide selection of suppliers and your choice is often easy to set in the webshop. Do you have a digital product, such as an e-book? That is no problem at all. Rootsteps arranges the delivery in a few minutes.

Years of experience in e-commerce

Rootsteps has been developing professional, beautiful and successful webshops/websites for many years. We use our years of experience to make your webshop successful. Our goal is to make you a happy webshop owner. See what that process looks like here.

How your webshop comes to life

90% of the work has already been done, so your webshop will be online in no time. But realize that the 10% that remains needs a lot of attention. Don't worry, we'll guide you through the next process to make a cool shop from scratch.

  • Onboarding: your idea matters. Tell us what you expect from us, a good conversation at our office will also serve as the first brainstorm. You only really get to know each other when you are creative.
  • Targeting: We determine together which target groups we want to reach and we fully focus the webshop on achieving goals. We prepare a comprehensive strategy.
  • Launch: The shop is not going live yet, but the team can start populating the webshop with the necessary products, categories, images and other content. At the same time, our team is working on the webshop.
  • Maintenance: The webshop is live and successful, but to create that success we stay connected together. The webshop can grow in all directions. We keep in touch via a monthly call and you stay up-to-date about the opportunities that are available.

A webshop with smart friends

Integrations. Useful tools. Everything.

Your webshop could use a little help (certainly in the beginning). That's why we've created powerful integrations that connect your shop to the largest payment systems, social media, mailing systems, tracking software and algorithms.

Built-in webshop marketing tools

If you focus on setting up the products, we can add the marketing tools to your webshop. You have the following options at your disposal and can easily operate them from the couch!

  1. Promote your sales with personalized coupons

  2. Boost sales with automatic follow-ups: turn abandoned shopping carts into successful sales

  3. Reach visitors with remarketing: reach people who have already visited the webshop through advertisements on other sites

  4. Build loyal customers through email marketing NEW

  5. Automate your discount rules NEW

Webshop design and looks

Your webshop must radiate what you want to convey. That's why we match the looks and feels with your products and branding. We expect you to be critical, because this is how we arrive at a perfect webshop. Your webshop will be exactly the way you want it, thanks to: 

  1. Lots of room for creativity due to fast loading times

  2. Adjust the formats, product page, column layout, images and thumbnails yourself

  3. Need even more specific customization? Call or email us and ask about the possibilities 

Simple & fast Product management

Management of your products is also simple, fast and intuitive. You don't want to have to wait every time you make a change. That is why these product management functions are a matter of course for us:

  1. Bulk adjustments/mass updates

  2. Mass import and export on a schedule

  3. Scalable to unlimited number of products

  4. Customize product options such as color, size and other variations

  5. Smart related products

  6. Self-hosted product images

  7. Easy product translations

  8. Digital Products

  9. Optimum product findability

Webshop management

The general management of your webshop is intuitive, simple and fast. You can do it all by yourself in a few hours. An overview of the standard functions:

  1. Intuitive and super fast interface

  2. Free webshop management app (iOS and Android) 

  3. Staff management (with app access)

  4. Link to social media 

  5. Switch of language preference for sales abroad

Examples of websites

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