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©Google Ads Advertising

Google Ads (Google AdWords) is a convenient way to bring your product or service to the attention of potential customers. However, Google Ads is quite a complex product. Fortunately, Rootsteps can help you with this. We are an official Google Partner and also specialize in Search and Display Advertising.

Why you want to advertise

Branding & Awareness via ©Google

If you're not already using Google Ads, you may be missing out on potential new customers and clients. We can help you generate more leads and sales through AdWords. Branding through ©Google can help you reach a larger audience for your business or simply increase the visibility of what you do. With the help of Google Ads CPC and VCPM you can increase the effect of your branding campaign.

Get more people to the website

The more people the more joy. Rootsteps enjoys that the people who are looking for you reach their goal on your website. But it's actually very simple: the more people are on your website, the greater the chance that you have a lead/sale. Every company needs more visitors to the website.

Rootsteps sets up your entire account and stays engaged to target as many people as possible who want to do business with you. All of this is done based on people's search habits. Your ads will be shown to the right people.

Complete packages for specific industries

If you use our knowledge and experience with Google Ads, you also benefit from our economies of scale. We offer complete packages for specific industries (currently: hospitality, retail & e-commerce). There is now a special promotion for the catering & retail sectors: 0% start-up costs. Ask for the conditions.

Rootsteps is officially recognized Google Partner

The difficult thing about Google Ads is that there are so many different buttons to turn. If you don't deal with this every day, you will quickly lose the thread. A task you don't want to have. Rootsteps has years of experience in Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Our knowledge of new techniques and tools is up-to-date. Rootsteps has been a Google Partner for many years and we have direct helplines and professional resources for Google Ads.

Advertising on Google is not free

Although advertising with Google Ads can be very lucrative, unfortunately it often involves high investments. Rootsteps knows the functionality well and knows how you can save on it. We ensure as much reach as possible, at the lowest possible cost. Even if you have enough investment capital: it remains our drive to achieve greater returns.

How does the Google Ads Advertising process work?

How does the Google Ads Advertising process work? Simple: our goal is that you have as few concerns as possible about the effect of the advertisements. Our specialists not only provide insight into opportunities, but also work on them immediately.

  • Account evaluation: Although we are always very excited, it is necessary for us to evaluate the account. For the evaluation, you need to send the 10-digit account ID, after which we get started.
  • Research: We only proceed if we see returns in the campaign. We do a number of checks for this and we map them out for you. The result: a forecast of the expected return.
  • Campaign strategy: The campaign strategy is the phase in which the account is set up by our team. We all create different variations, tests, audiences and we set up all ad extensions. Everything to get the quality as high as possible.
  • Maintenance: Changelogs are kept, purely because we like to be transparent about what we do and why. You get access to the changelog and can count on regular updates from the team. Ready for lift off!

Google Ads Setup

You get the coffee, we'll do the settings

Come, have a good cup of coffee or tea and sit down for this laundry list of things we do. We don't stop until the result is there. And we go for maximum results.

Grow. Extend. Build.

When you set up a new account with Google Ads, you always go through 3 'plans' as we call it. These can be seen as the phases the account is in:

  1. Growthplan: the first phase lasts at least 3 months and is also suitable for starters. In this package, experiments are set up and the right information is set out to better go through the following plans.
  2. Pruneplan: 'pruning' means cutting dead twigs. That is what we do for at least 3 months with the data that remains from the growth plan. Simply put, we use the knowledge and data from the growth plan to focus on the target audience.
  3. Main plan: After pruning, the rest is simply entertaining for at least 6 months. The data is analyzed less intensively here. However, fine-tuning is underway to further improve the results.

On-site support

For a good advertising result, we are happy to help the pages on which your potential customers end up function optimally. The quality scores increase and the costs per click decrease. Less costs for a higher return; and at the same time a better competitive position. OPTIONAL

Examples of websites

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