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Do you want to have a perfect professional website? Do you need it to be the website you need, designed and maintained by our team of experts. We take care of everything from high-level strategic thinking to detailed design and implementation. You don't have to be a technical expert to get the website you need for your business. We create an ideal solution that is streamlined for customers and effective for search engines.

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Complete service. Always.

A good website is created by a combination of factors, for which you normally have to hire different people: designers, developers, ui-ux, system administration, copywriters...

Not at Rootsteps, because we offer you access to an endless source of experts through one and the same affordable contract. We don't want to set a limit to where we contribute to the success of the website: we do what is necessary. That way you are always provided with a best-of-all-worlds solution: a website that generates revenue.

Your website has to be smart

Not only the technique is important, but also the content of the website. After all, you want to generate as many leads and conversions as possible. We monitor user behavior to discover opportunities, minuses and pluses. We can optimize your content based on user data.

Our specialist team is constantly developing new systems for our clients. We use smart algorithms and bots to test and monitor websites. The website that Rootsteps designs for you knows no boundaries. We ensure that you can move along with the needs of your visitors in the future.

Website speed & loading time

One of the most important features of your website is speed. If loading takes too long, your potential customer will leave with one click. Rootsteps is specialized in optimizing the speed of your website. For this we check scripts, styling elements and remove unnecessary code and thus unnecessary delay on the website.

Starters & freelancers

Are you a starter or self-employed and are you willing to get the most out of your website? But the benefits and no burdens: you do it right by contacting us, because Rootsteps' websites are scalable from mini to mega.

Easy & effortless to find

Website search engine optimization is a standard part of our services. This includes everything that can be set technically on the website to improve the findability of your site.

For example, we provide content optimization for search engines, we instruct Google and other search engines, we set up a logical and clear website hierarchy and URL structure.

Your website knows no boundaries.

That is why our services are limitless.

When you create a website, would you like to receive an invoice for every time we click with our mouse? This was a rhetorical question. 😊 Now on to some examples of our limitless service.

Website Design

It's no use having a website that only you like. The chance of success increases if you do not focus on yourself, but on your website visitor. So it is important that you know who you want to attract and how you do it. Also in the styling. 

Rootsteps develops a custom-made website for you, with an eye for detail like no other and exactly the way it works best for your website users. This makes you appear strong and professional to your target group. Design and furnishing are done in a protected environment. You can even watch from a distance!

Website performance

Website performance is so good these days that to be really successful, you want better than good. You want a top quality website that has been paid attention to. 

Visitors want to connect with you, but they're used to streamlined websites. Turn your visitors into customers! Rootsteps even turns a 9 into a 10. Website performance is not only tracked: it is analyzed and used to let your website improve itself!

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Of course, if your website is perfect, it shouldn't be lost in the immense amount of websites on the world wide web. You want your (potential) customers to find your website. So it is important that search engines prioritize your website. Search engines, for example, have a preference for how you provide data and assess your website on speed and user-friendliness. We are happy to ensure that your website is found.

Image Optimization

A picture is worth 1,000 words and a website without images is not a picture. But did you know that 92% of all websites carry oversized images and that 82% of all data associated with those images does not need to be sent? To find these bad apples, Rootsteps automatically performs an algorithmic image optimization. Tip: Submit images in a zip file, then we will indicate how much you can save via image optimization.

Website MOT (current website)

Rootsteps has algorithms and other resources to perform a large scale check of your website. Do you want to know whether your current website works properly and can be 'fixed'? Then we understand that very well. 

Request the Website APK to see if your current website can still do the job. We can easily run the APK remotely. So please contact us using the form below for a Website APK.

Examples of websites

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