Publication date:07-11-2019

Why is my pagespeed insights score lower after a certain time?

The pagespeed insights score measurement can sometimes deviate. Even if you are not an expert, you can see that one measurement is not the same. Even measurements taken directly after each other sometimes deviate by a few points. Still, it makes sense to find out your Pagespeed Insights score. In this article we tell you why.

Pagespeed insights evolves

The score you got back from Pagespeed a few weeks ago is very neat: your users are happier with a well-optimized website, buy faster, more often and more. Why does your pagespeed insights score continue to fluctuate or even decrease?

A very fair question. And there is a simple answer: technological evolution. The Internet continues to evolve, this applies to all technological developments: today there are already newer and better techniques than those of yesterday. And that's a good thing, because the end user of the website benefits. So as an entrepreneur, so do you.

What exactly does Pagespeed do?

Google's Pagespeed Insights tool measures a number of important elements that your website must meet in order to be properly used by everyone who may visit it. These parts can be adjusted from time to time. This therefore falls under the heading of 'time-dependence'. Your measurement / score does not belong to the website on a timeless chart, but instead they belong on the x-axis to a certain date + time. To put it more simply: the measurement you take now belongs to the circumstances of today and not those of tomorrow.

Fluctuations in pagespeed scores

The fluctuations in Pagespeed scores are therefore caused by certain dependencies. Think, for example, of code from third parties: Google Analytics is an example of this. If you provide a website with the Google Analytics tag, that small script should send a signal to Google and get a response. Sometimes that may take just a millisecond longer than others.

We call this dependency on others third-party dependencies. But these are not the only ones that cause the fluctuations in pagespeed scores. For example, servers can be busy with a process from one moment to the next. The response time of the server on which your website lives can therefore not be finished with its tasks and serves the website a fraction later than before.

All these influences cause fluctuations and can surprise even seasoned pagespeed insights devs!

What is it worth to use Pagespeed insights?

It soon seems that technological progress is overtaking you every time. But it is still valuable to use Pagespeed insights. It is an orientation to the online playing field. If you score high, your chance of success increases dramatically. How much it is worth is entirely up to you, because no one else but yourself knows whether you earn anything from it.

How does 'a point higher in Pagespeed' affect my rankings at Google?

That influence is very dependent on the competitive position of your company, but we have seen situations where the client has changed his page from position 27 to 3 with only speed optimization. A few tweaks to content are then enough to at least compete.

"What is the fastest website you've ever made?"

Not too long ago we had a Mobile: 99/100 / Desktop: 100/100 score. But a blank page loads the fastest. So if you only look at that Pagespeed Insights score, that doesn't say enough. The context of the story is very important: the website in question had a huge number of pages, different templates/styling, images, videos, in short: many different components that were loaded. In that scenario, such a score is a special achievement that we are very proud of.

(The same website currently scores Mobile: 78/100 Desktop: 84/100 because of you guessed it: the technological evolution) and a bit of time.

What you can do to maintain a high Pagespeed score

Continue to monitor, maintain and take care of your website. It is not possible to build a website with an eternal life (Okay maybe a blank page...). The lifespan of a website is a maximum of 2 years if you do not take care of it. This does not mean that you have lost a lot of money: you just have to approach the right people. You now know where to go for questions. Call us on 085 - 201 1467 or go to the contact page.

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