Publication date:12-10-2020

Why does Rootsteps focus on speed?

Speed, like other factors that contribute to the user experience, is important. Scientific research shows how important that is; but it is much simpler to look at our own behaviour. User behavior online speaks for itself: one click download and watch a video, 4K - 8K, gaming, shopping, video calling without a hitch. VR. Everything cries out for a faster connection and experience: using as much time as possible where it should be used.

Investigative role

Rootsteps has a special desire for speed. That desire originated in learning about the studies that scientists are conducting into the dominant role of this specific key factor that contributes to success of e-commerce stores, among others. a) Determinants of successful Website design: relative importance and recommendations for effectiveness. Also read: b) E-commerce website quality assessment based on usability. The researchers state, among other things, that websites do not fulfill their desired function for the user (serving the user), if the website is not loaded in time. In that case, the choice is made to shorten the visit to the website or even to stop loading and consult another source.

Rootsteps is a small specialist agency that, unlike the masses, does not move along with the needs of the entrepreneur, but precisely with those of the end user of websites. It is up to the entrepreneur not only to think about the turnover, but to see the website as an environment that belongs to the complete customer experience of the end user. The result is significant and indirect revenue growth as a result of these adjustments.

The end user is king

As long as the end user of the digital medium does not notice that the website is slow (a presence of speed and an absence of slowness), one remains in the optimal circumstance that offers room to become a customer. A logical consequence of good service is therefore that more customers are recruited. Successful websites are therefore anything but concerned with turnover and are focused on achieving objectives that the end user imposes. The end user is king: and a dialogue is necessary.

Without feedback, a successful website is only temporarily successful: then success is based on the probability of being satisfied. That probability is made a certainty by Rootsteps. It is encouraged to be in contact with the end user, to ask him and her how the experience was and what is missing on the website. This research is leading in the decision-making of the entrepreneur, who benefits from a well-considered and well-founded choice; choices based on facts rather than team opinions. Research is necessary on an ongoing basis.

Why the focus remains on speed

The investigations are resources that the entrepreneur deploys when the desired speed has been achieved. Not for that. The focus on speed remains because that desire for speed is constantly being increased. Since the dawn of the Internet, there has been an unquenchable need for speed. 3G, 4G, 5G, 6G? The world of the website develops with the same need for speed and not meeting that need makes people redundant or not useful.

Just because everything has to be done faster doesn't mean you have to make concessions elsewhere. The point is that you don't have to. This room for speed therefore also indirectly creates room for creativity. Because the website loads relatively quickly, it is possible to deliver a larger document with more details, styling, images and other loading time intensive elements. Our focus on speed gives companies room for creativity. More is possible; as soon as there is less loading.

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