Publication date:28-06-2022

Vacature Contentmanager

Vacancy: Content manager. Rootsteps is looking for an (prospective) content manager to help with our new and existing websites. Are you interested in a new challenge and do you like office work, hybrid work (at home and at the office) or do you know someone who is fast on a computer. Check the vacancy below.

[The following story is fictitious and no rights can be derived]

You walk into the pub and celebrate your new job at Rootsteps with your friends. After a short toast, they suddenly start asking questions, such as:

What kind of company is that?

It is a strange duck in the bite. A small specialist team where everyone can and may learn anything as long as it is done with pure passion. Rootsteps trains you internally and turns you into a hyper-fast ruthless online professional for website content: set up, adjust, add, translate, improve texts, images and general website appearance. The company has a small office in Wateringen, but sometimes people also work remotely. That's all fine, because as long as people understand that the result comes first and the customer is sacred - everyone is laid-back, gets to work and is completely chilled out. Work? It's not even real work: it's a hobby that got out of hand.

What are your tasks then?

  • You own the websites and stand up for the interests of our customers.
  • You make an overview of points for improvement for customer websites
  • You regularly advise customers about opportunities by calling, emailing or texting.
  • For new projects you create texts (sometimes also via artificial intelligence).
  • You log in to customer websites and configure everything to perfection: adjusts settings, information and settings of the website so that it looks cool and fits the appearance of the customer.
  • You keep track of major changes in a report for each customer and regularly report on the progress to the customer and project manager.
  • You liaise with the developer about updates and provide feedback so that the developer can create new features for you.
  • You attend discussions and brainstorms with Rootsteps clients.

What do you need to be able to do or have for that?

Besides being able to use a keyboard and mouse you mean? Then you need to be able to switch quickly between projects. Sometimes a customer comes with a change that you can complete within seconds; after that there will be an update with more than 200 different adjustments that you can enjoy for a few hours. 

You also need to be able to type quickly, be smart and ordered with your file formats and a little (want to) know how websites work. If you don't have all that, you will be able to learn this internally. You must also have the need from within yourself to get everything exactly the way you and the customer want it!

You do not need to have any diploma and you are not obliged to have gained relevant work experience in any way. Of course it's always nice if you do.

And does that deserve a little more?

Yes, there are excellent market-based salaries without a collective labor agreement, which gives you a lot of room to negotiate your own employee package. If you indicate that you want a day off, it will be arranged without any problems. Every now and then to the office and everything is possible in consultation.


Send an email with your CV and motivation to
Or send a WhatsApp to Steven, via 06 - 42392815.

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